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1Buy1Pencils was set up to allow artists, crafters, designers and hobbists to buy individual Prismacolor pencils or boxed sets to suit their needs. Up until 1Buy1Pencils came about the only way to get the colours you needed, if you live in the UK and Europe, from the Prismacolor range was to buy a large set. This could work out to be uneconomical if you needed a few of one colour and wasteful too as many colours in a boxed set were rarely if ever used. 1Buy1Pencils also stocks a range of useful accessories and blending items, such as the popular Zest-it pencil blend.

There is no minimum so if you only need one pencil you've no need to worry!

We offer a fast friendly service with fair postage prices.

Fantastic, hard to find products at an amazing price.

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We are happy to take any suggestions you may have to help us improve this site. Any comments warmly recieved